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Getting Started

For a year (or three) now, friends have told me, “You need to blog.” They have reasons that make sense in their mind. These friends say things like, “you have something to say that the world needs to hear.”

This blog is not because I believe them. Really. It’s because I’ve had a hard time believing anything anyone says that’s positive about my work in the world. And so, I’ve decided to dare myself to believe. I know. Your first blog should not be depressing. It REALLY shouldn’t. But “in this place, we flesh.” For me, that means what Baby Suggs Holy (in Toni Morrison’s Beloved) meant. The most significant part of living isn’t dreaming of heaven or other-worldliness, but feet-to-the-ground flesh-and-bone “stuff.” Today, that “stuff” is that it have felt extremely STUPID while trying to figure out how to start this blog. Yeah. I know. I KNOW. A woman who has a Ph.D. and teaches and performs and writes poetry and loves should not call herself “stupid.” But the truth is, sometimes I just feel as if the world is moving at warp speed and I am still in the horse-drawn buggy of the Amish country where I live. I am not tech savvy. I may–or may not–have something to say in the coming blogs.

But today, what I have to say is: at least I figured out how to write this one. That might bode well as I figure out the posting pics, connecting it to my FACEBOOK page, figuring out how often and when I’ll blog, and giving myself permission to stop-and-start-and-stop again as needed. In this space, we flesh.


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