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I am (usually) a very reasonable person. I work with people, businesses and institutions a long time before I throw up both my hands and quit. I’ve been a customer of The Home Depot for as long as I can remember. I LOVE decorating and sometimes just showing up in the store to look at colors or rugs or even cabinet hardware would give me ideas. When I bought my house in Lancaster, my friend Thomas and I frequented Home Depot to buy everything from paint to light fixtures. I changed EVERY light fixture in my house except one from shopping at The Home Depot. I painted the entire house. Bought crown molding and floor edges. I redid the fireplace. Bought hard wood for my bedroom; tiles for the kitchen; backsplash, you name it. Plants for the landscaping…. In cash and on my card, I spent more than $20K to make my house a home. I planned to live in Lancaster a long time. That plan didn’t work, but I spent the money in order to make my space glorious. Wellllll, a funny thing happened on the way to being a “valued” customer. Turns out The Home Depot will take your money, and if they mess up, will continue to take your money and tell you to “sue them” if you want that to change. OK, Home Depot. I won’t be suing anyone. But you can believe everyone I can reach will know that I think they shouldn’t spend another dime in your stores. Here’s what I posted on my Facebook page today:

If I have ANY credibility with you, I am telling ALL my colleagues, acquaintances, friends, family, frenemies, wannabes, lovers, enemies: DO NOT PATRONIZE The Home Depot. They will take your money after having given you the WRONG order, taking 100+ days to install the wrong doors, ask you if the service people were “nice” and “courteous” while giving you the wrong doors, charge you MORE than what you wanted because they “upgraded” the doors for you and then tell you that you have to sue them to get your money back (which they know you won’t do because of the cost and aggravation).

Don’t COME FOR ME Home Depot. I PROMISE you that you don’t want none of this. I am in a personal zone of being SICK of institutions and companies that act unjustly and then put the onus on you to make them do right. I’m not suing you. You just have lost a customer who spent more than $20K in your store in the last 5 years. OK. NOT. ONE. MORE. DIME. And if I have ANY pull, not a penny from most of my friends.

Don’t send me a letter, an email, a tweet. NOTHING. If your mail does not have a check in it. Don’t talk to me.


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